Graphic design portfolio

Website header graphics

Real Foods Limited

From the get go, Jamie & Peter recognised the importance of being able to update their website as products lines evolved. Their website was built using the Joomla content management system, which allows for quick and easy updates.

Due to the number of products within the various lines offered by Real Foods, the Virtuemart eCommerce add-on was also integrated into the site; with the full range of eCommerce features available, setting up products was a breeze. As Real Foods don't sell direct to the public, the prices and ability to purchase was disabled on the site.

In addition to the website development, ByteMe also created an animated gif for the header graphic, wrote training material, and loaded all the website content for Real Foods.

Web Design: Phill & Brendon
Graphics: Phill
CMS: Joomla / Virtuemart

Customised osCommerce templates


The ToolPower site not only benefits from a solid header graphic and logo, but the entire template has been customised to project a positive and professional image for the ToolPower brand.

The key customisations for this osCommerce template include:

Web Design: Phill
Graphics: Phill
CMS: osCommerce

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Business cards

Business cards

Mo recognised the need to rebrand his business early on; he knew the new website was a great start but quickly realised he needed new business cards too. Mo's clients are really impressed with the new look cards. The next step, further down the track, is to add a stationary pack which includes a letterhead and envelop design.

Graphics: Chandra

Company logos

Business logo

Chris and the team at MFR recognised the need to update both their website and create a new image through a corporate branding pack. Beginning with the logo, MFR will also update business cards and a letterhead with the new MFR image.

Graphics: Kris

Customised Joomla templates

Waitakere Acupuncture Centre

When Mo approached us to update his website, he knew how important the image projected by his brand was. Monique created a customised Joomla template to suit Mo's requirements. Aside from the basic menu features, the customised template included a montage of photos for the header graphic, "green" theme to reflect the beauty of the Waitakere ranges, silver fern to pay homage to our beautiful country, and other special features to enhance the impact of the website.

Web Design: Monique
Graphics: Monique
CMS: Joomla