Profitable online marketing for NZ business websites

Leveraging an optimised website

If you already have an optimised website, then it's important to leverage it properly. Consider creating landing pages for each of your key target markets so that visitors receive a personalised experience when arriving at your website. It's also important to know which pages are converting prospects into clients.

Once you are attracting at least 200 - 300 visitors per day, you could trial some Google Adsense ad's on your more popular pages. These will bring in some additional revenue and also help support your content by providing relevant links to topical subjects.

Pay per click campaigns

PPC campaigns, like Google Adwords are a great match to a website which has been SEO'd. Look through the statistics for your keywords that are performing as well as those which aren't. For the areas where you're not achieving organic search success, it can often be more efficient to run a targeted Adwords campaign.

Whilst Adwords can work effectively by itself without an optimised website it will generally cost you a lot more. A better option is to combine SEO with a ongoing marketing package; this will keep the costs reasonable and generate better results than most Adwords campaigns.

Try to target phrases more than individual words. Targeting open searches and single words will often generate traffic but it will not be qualified. It's important to get qualified traffic to your website to keep the conversion rate up, and keep the website profitable.

Email marketing

Now that New Zealand has a Anti spam law and opt-in email campaign is really the only option left. By asking visitors if they would like to receive a newsletter or other regular communication, they have given your permission to send them emails.

E-mail marketing campaigns are generally HTML formatted emails which are sent out using special software. The campaign software would have created special links so that the originator can track which and how many users are clicking on each link. This information is very powerful and allows the end-user to tailor future content based on what is popular and what is not

When emails are sent out, they must include an option for the user to unsubscribe from future emails.

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Banner advertising

Banner advertising, whilst less popular these days, still exists. With mainstream media moving into the digital age, popular websites like are good places to place a banner. Check out the sites page rank before you commit to banner advertising; we recommend only purchasing banners on sites that have a minimum page rank of 4. If the website allows it, target your banner on specific pages with relevant content. It's better to have a single banner on a relevant web page within the site than to have 100 banners on web pages which aren't relevant.

Link renting

Link renting can be a very effective way of marketing your website. There are systems which allow you to buy text links within articles on other peoples websites. Given that the link is text based, you can usually choose what text you would like in the link. Follow the SEO principles when deciding on what text to use for the link. i.e. a natural looking sentence with relevant keywords in it, and mix it up!